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Closest DMC Thread-Color Lookup Tool

Find DMC threads nearest to another

Find the closest DMC thread

Just enter the code for a thread or click on a thread color (they are conveniently arranged to match the DMC color card) and you’re instantly given a list of the thread colors closest to it. You can even chose the color-matching algorithm used which determines how “closest” is calculated.

Remember when picking a thread to substitute that context matters - depending on where you’re using it (especially in a full-cover piece) you may decide a darker or lighter match is going to be more appropriate or maybe one with more or less color saturation.

Also, the colors you see will depend on your monitor settings and may not exactly match the thread colors you see which will also depend on the lighting conditions. There are a lot of factors that can impact color selection so we can’t guarantee the results and this is intended as a convenience only.

Let us know what you think and look-out for more cross-stitch tools, calculators and utilities coming soon!

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